Part of our Dating Season Special
By: Amanda Riley
A significant shift has occurred in who is joining dating sites

Is 40 too old to be going on dates? Of course not, if, like me, you're over 40 and single! If you have chased the career or have already been married once before, it's pretty common these days to find yourself wanting to start fresh in your 40s or 50s. But for the first time, there are some statistics that point to a huge increase in people over forty using online dating sites. Leading mature dating site,, has revealed that they saw a huge spike in new members last month, with a whopping 70% increase in new joiners. The site attributes this to a growing sense of freedom in mature people regarding finding a new partner. The spokesperson also explained that a lot of its members who have found love on the site are recommending it to their single friends. A friend in need and all that...

We Have been Shocked...
Demand From People Over 40 Is Huge.


Now I don't have any kids yet, so this one may not be for me, but dedicated parent dating sites are also all the rage. Many of my single parent readers have commented before that it's hard to find a man or woman who is understanding about the fact they already have a kid(s). Parent dating sites could be the answer, as they claim to connect people who have kids or who are comfortable dating someone who is a parent. I guess that gets rid of that awkward conversation! is one of the most successful and boasts over 1 million members. I take it back - I might well be interested in meeting a guy who has a cute kid and is in touch with his sensitive side. If he also happens to be a fireman, bonus!


I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I'm all for people finding the right kind of partner for them, but do dating sites just for professionals indicate that someone who is not a professional is not worth meeting? I personally don't look at someone's career or status as a factor in whether they are attractive to me. However, I can accept that some people want to meet similarly career-focussed types. is aimed at exactly these people, and helps teachers, nurses to name a few, meet someone right for them. I might be interested in meeting a policeman in uniform on there...

What do they say
Lynne & Steve

Steve and I were in contact with each other on e-mailing on and off from around the 10th September. The conversation was from me asking about his lovely dog, as we are both dog lovers and that seemed a good place to start by saying the dogs would have a great time on the park. With me going away, and working away we eventually got round to meeting each other on the 4th Oct this was the best day ever. We knew straight away what we both wanted and we knew that was each other, Steve even met my Mum and Sister that same day and came out with us as I was going to the local to see a singer, thought that was quite funny and a little strange. We are now planning our future for the 2 of us and our for kids ( the dogs). Really looking forward to Christmas, and going to meet Steve parents next week (nervous)